• Scuba Diving
    Experience Under water

    Scuba diving in Tarkarli is an attraction of undersea world. Scuba diving gives us an opportunity to breath underwater world, just for a limited amount of time. SCUBA is an abbreviation for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

  • Exciting Water sports

    There are a number of water sports that you can enjoy in Tarkarli at reasonable prices.
    Jet Ski and banana boat ride are the most famous water sports that you must enjoy in Takarli.

  • Para-Sailing
    Water Surface Activities

    Glistening waves offer enthralling parasailing and water sports experiences in this sun and sand paradise!
    You can even opt to embark on an adventurous journey of parasailing

Welcome to Rock Island Adventure

Welcome to Malvan. Tarkarli Malvan Scuba Diving Packages with lowset prices are available with us. These Packages includes Scuba Diving, Water Sports and Parasailing activity.
Malvan – a region enriched with the Konkani tradition always welcomes tourists and vacation seekers. Boasting of the historic Sindhudurg fort, the varied and diverse sea life, and the wonderful and tasty local fruits and flowers, the Malvan region on the western coast of India has always attracted global tourists towards it. As they say in the local dialect – “ येवा मालवण आपलाच आसा” – this line will stay in your memories forever.

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Scuba Diving at Rock Island

Scuba Diving at Rock Island

Scuba Diving - Under water Activity

The crystal clear water and the myriad range of marine species in Tarkarli make it the best destination for scuba diving in India

  • Jet Ski Ride in Tarkarli
  • Parasailing in Tarkarli


No, it is not required to know swimming. The trained guide that accompanies you takes you to the bottom by holding the belt that is attached to your waist. Actually, the guides prefer a tourist who does not know how to swim as the ones who can, try to move their hands and legs and can become difficult to manage.

Yes, it is of utmost importance for professional deep sea diving. The seabed near Malvan is not very deep and a 10 to 15 min basic but essential training session to understand how to breathe and how to communicate with the guide underwater is provided to the tourists.

The ideal age limit for scuba diving is above 10 years. However, if the mouthpiece fits perfectly well into the child’s mouth and the kid is physically fit to dive, he or she can do so in shallow waters.

having lunch or dinner before scuba diving is not advisable. A light breakfast or snack such as boiled egg, bread omelet, poha, upma or pancakes are ideal. The salty water or the water pressure at the seabed can result in vomiting or sickness.

No. Scuba diving can induce pressure on the heart and the lungs. If you are not able to withstand that pressure, it is not recommended that you take up scuba diving. Please inform the guide about any such ailment. Do not hide it from him. Be safe than sorry.

Yes, you can. However, you will not be able to dive with your glasses on. The goggles that are provided to you act as a telescope. You will anyway see the objects that are far away, closer to you.

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