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Malvan Beach Tourism

Tourism in Malvan has been on the road to progress. The rich and diverse sea life that Malvan has beyond its beaches is proving to be the key attraction.

Starting with Snorkelling as a basic underwater activity, visitors can even go on to more professional adventures in the form of commercial scuba diving, professional scuba diving, and deep sea and shallow sea diving.

Malvan beach tourism was introduced to attract sea enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world. Scuba diving in Malvan has provided employment opportunities to the local youth of Malvan.

Scuba Diving in Malvan

Groups of youngsters from the Malvan region came together and got certifications from reputed institutes such as PADI. Around 30 to 35% of youngsters from of the fishermen are working in the scuba diving and water sports business and they earn their livelihood through this.

These Scuba divers in Malvan seek out new picnic spots that the tourists will love to visit and explore. These youths are also reaching out to the visitors and tourists through the digital media.

To start with, snorkeling and scuba diving were done mostly near the Sindhudurg fort. But now new underwater activities in the form of diving has started in Tarkarli, Chivala Beach, Tondwali and Sarjekot.

Water Sports In Malvan

Even the water surface adventure games such as jet ski, banana boats, bump rides, kayaking, speed boating have found a lot of takers in these regions. Adventure sports such as parasailing have added another feather in the cap of tourism and related activities in the Malvan region.

The best part of this is probably the cheap rates at which these activities are offered to the tourists.

Why choose us ?

There are a number of operators and groups active in Malvan. Almost all of them use the digital media to advertise their packages and dive details. Some of them offer the diving experience at a very low cost as compared to the other groups. But, choosing quality service and the cost associated with that is in the hands of the tourists. The diving point that we have is far into the sea. While you reach there, you also get to enjoy the sights on the way. We also provide sufficient time for the training and only after the tourist is ready they get to dive into the water. While underwater, tourists are never left alone and all precautions and safety measures are always adhered to. All the dive guides in our group are local youths. They are modest and honest in all their dealings with the tourists. Service is their main concern when they arrange for the scuba diving explorations.